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Image of Signature Candle (8 oz)

Signature Candle (8 oz)

Take a breath, light the candle and inhale the aroma of our best-selling scent, Romance.

This candle is the signature scent of Amore Organics. It's woodsy and warm citrus notes are perfect for setting a grown and sexy mood.

This clean burning candle has a wood wick that creates a relaxing soft crackling sound while lit. It doesn't mushroom and has little to no carbon build up.

SMELLS LIKE: deep conversations with bae under a cozy blanket

Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Sandlewood, Orange

BURN TIME: up to 56 hours

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Wax, Amore Organics Romance Fragrance

Clean burning toxic free, phthalates free.
Skin safe. FDA approve wax

We recommend to burn the candle for minimal 2 hours on the initial lighting to achieve the best throw consistently.

Use the top to cover and extinguish your candle when no longer in use.

CAUTION: Keep away from children. Light in well ventilated areas not near any combustible items.

***This is a pre-order item. Please allow 14 days for your order to process and ship.