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Life has taught me that the truest form of beauty begins from within. AMOREORGANICS is a home-based sustainable personal care brand of goods, handmade with love by wife and mother of four, Andrea Smalls. In 2012, she decided to research the ingredients on the back of a commonly used lotion bottle that she had suddenly started to have an allergic reaction to. The results were mind boggling. Although the bottle was branded as an "all natural" product, there were only minimal natural ingredients and the rest was filled with known toxic chemicals that were not meant for human use. It was then that she recognized there was a huge void in the skincare industry for true a representation of what all natural products really were. She knew there had to be an alternative. She wanted to continue to have everyday essentials that were safe enough for her entire family to use, including the children.

After much trial and error she had formulated a product that not only hydrated the skin but it also healed her child's eczema. This product was the Buttery Body Balm. At that point, she knew she had to share her products with more than just her family, so she incorporated AMOREORGANICS in 
2016 and the rest is history.


Our products are for anyone who wants to heal dry, itchy skin and maintain soft supple skin without risking their health. Your well-being is of the utmost importance to her, so she is fully committed to remaining transparent in the disclosure of what's in her products. She vows to not make false claims because of industry trends and to never use ingredients that have known side effects or toxicity to your skin. She will continue to create relaxing products that rejuvenate your senses using only high quality ingredients that are ethically sourced,  improve the health, and appearance of your skin leading to lifelong results. AMOREORGANICS  intends to provide resources that educate our customers on the benefits of using all natural goods versus other toxic laden conventional brands through our #CLEANupYourSkincare Initiative, in which she hopes to influence you to live a healthier lifestyle by example and education. We always encourage you to read products labels during this transition phase from conventional to non toxic to understand exactly what your are putting on your skin and essentially, into your body. The Laundry List of known toxic ingredients is a helpful guide to keep you up to date on what not to wear, on your skin. Click here to download the list now.


AMOREORGANICS goal's over the next 5 years is to be 100% zero waste in production and product packaging of AMOREORGANICS. She intends to provide community help on how to reduce your carbon footprint by encouraging that you research ingredients and by hosting informational events through the #CLEANupYourSkincare Initiative. She also endeavors to always support the local economy by purchasing materials from community farmers and partnering with local businesses for printing, labeling, and packaging services. The packaging of AMOREORGANICS is a carefully thought through process because we want to aid in the reduction of global waste, so we use sustainable packaging that can be reused, recycled, or biodegradable.

When you purchase from AMOREORGANICS, you are doing your part to spread the love for a cleaner Earth. You are supporting small businesses. You are taking taking your power back by putting your self care 1st. You are cleaning up the community. THANK YOU!