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The Body Scrubber


Say "hello" to your new favorite shower accessory!

🌱100% biodegradable ⁠
🍵Charcoal infused ⁠
🥜Made with walnut shells ⁠
🕛Lasts for +100 showers

The Body Scrubber is a charcoal infused, all-natural shower tool and an absolute lathering machine for your skin. Grown in the dirt to scrub away your daily grime. This body scrubber is good for your skin and the environment. Once you've used it up, toss it back into the dirt for compost.

HOW TO USE: use the gentle honeycomb side to easily wash away your troubles after a long, dirty day. Then flip it over to the exfoliating side for deep cleansing. When used together. Both sides work to refresh and rehydrate your skin in an all-new way.

Benefits of The Body Scrubber:
✅Unclogs pores, helps prevent acne
✅Naturally pH. Balancing
✅Gently buffs dead, dry skin without chafing, reddening, or irritating
✅Rejuvenates skin
✅Made of compostable materials

Shelf Life: This scrubber lasts on average over 45 days with heavy usage (washing more than twice a day). The scrubber will begin to tear or form holes as it begins breaking down. This is when it's time to toss it back into nature for compost and start fresh with a new scrubber.